Image of salmonella bacteria to introduce the Key Points section

Key Points

Keys to understanding the problem of Salmonella and its solution.

  • Salmonella transmission

    Eggs, meat and milk can play an important roll on Salmonella transmission to Humans. It usually occurs when uncontrolled sources of food reach food chain thus creating an infection which causes gastrointestinal problems.

    Image representing the transmission of salmonella
  • Strong presence in live stock

    It has been established that Salmonella prevalence is very high, from 30% to 60% of the herds in a given area are considered as carriers. Unattended, it will represent a constant source of contamination, as the farmer may ignore that his animals are bearers of the bacteria.

    Graph representing the presence of salmonella in livestock
  • A great risk for farmers and consumers

    Many countries in the world, as well the European Union, are on the way to reduce antibiotics as growth prometers, creating a lack of confidence to the farmers. With this scenario, it has become necessay to extreme sanitary controls at farm level, as well as in animals and feed, in order to avoid and prevent outbreaks of pathogenic microorganisms.

    Image representing the risk of salmonella for the farmer and the consumer
  • Different scenarios

    There are three different situations at farm level A, B, C.

    Image that represents the current situation of the sanitary control of the farms
  • More research, better solutions

    The development of SALMOSAN has been result of team work between public and private research institutions and companies. These organisms are the IRTA (Research Institute of Agro-alimentary Technologies) and CIDEM (Business for Innovation and Development), together with ITPSA.

    Image that represents as a solution to salmonella health controls and the appearance of Salmosan
  • Keys of the new product

    SALMOSAN is a natural product, 100% vegetable origin, obtained from the Carob tree through a specific process of fractionation and purification. SALMOSAN is added to the feed, and its mechanism of action is based on the barrier concept, since it blocks the process of bacteria fimbrial adherence to the enterocite, thus avoiding bacteria colonization at gut level, and creating a real and irreversible effect.

    Image representing the keys of Salmosan as a solution to eradicate salmonella from livestock farms

Animals fed with SALMOSAN stop being Salmonella carriers at gut level after 15 days and its internal organs test negative to Salmonella after 30 days of application.

A major plan for food safety control has targeted Salmonella transmission all through out the human and food chain, in order to set out new direction for the agricultural industry and health authorities to reduce salmonella contamination.

Considering this scenario, ITPSA has approached the challenge by developing an innovative and highly technological natural based product, covering not only the animal nutrition aspects but Food safety as well.

A product that blocks bacteria colonization at gut level and by doing that, the microorganism will not be transmitted through the food chain to humans

The efficacy of this innovative product solves what non one other, what so ever, has been able to do.